One of the biggest mistakes new web site owners often make  is to assume that because they now have a web site no further action is required.

Of course just putting a site up on the web will produce viewers but the critical thing we all need is qualified traffic.

Thats where marketing comes in. Usually, a good marketing strategy will involve both online and offline components but not always.

Social media can also play a big part these days but, with some businesses, getting the right promotional mix can take time.

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Tips and suggestions

Make sure your web site is phone enabled and passes the Google Mobile Friendly Test ... if it doesn't, you're losing business.

If a customer uses your product in an interesting or unusual way, put it on Pinterest, share it on Facebook, tell Twitter. The more it is shared the more it promotes your business.

Use your phone. The video does not have to be professional. You could be explaining a product in your shop or a process. Upload it to Youtube and keep adding to the same chanel.

Don't ever hand customers printed material that doesn't have your domain name on it. Doing so squanders an opportunity for customers to know more about you.

Email still matters

It might sound a little simplistic but even now that social media has become so popular, when it comes to promoting your business, email is still vital.

Unless you're known for crazy giveaways in the middle of the night, people won't sit on your web site.

Getting them to sign up to a regular newsletter or advice service is a sure way to keep reminding customers that you still exist.

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